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Pregnancy is a time of nurturing and preparation. A time to gain as much knowledge to give you the power to make the best decisions for you. It is your time to lay your foundations and create the best supportive chrysalis for your metamorphosis from woman to mother. It's your transition time to feel most empowered, confident and loved.

So what can I offer you during this journey?

I can:

* be a listening non-judgemental ear to your hopes, needs, desires and expectations for your birth and parenthood.

* guide you in putting together a personally specific birth and postnatal plan that is supportive to you.

* talk through and assist in showing you some simple effective relaxation techniques for labour.

* highlight positions to aid labour and physical/emotional aids for your recovery after birth.

* sign post your current birth options and legal rights. 

* be your support for any wobbles that may arise for you or your birth partner.

* provide nutritious batch cooked food to fill your freezer and set you up (on request)

and much more...

It is super important for me to flag that my services also apply to the partner/co-parent who, although may not be the focus, are still a huge and incredibly important role in this monumental life event. Your wants, needs, desires and emotions are also valid and important to share and work through too.


Please connect for more information and pricing.

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