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Birth, like the natural elements of the world, is unpredictable. A right of passage, no matter how your birth happens. It is a time for you to listen to your inner voice, use all the knowledge you empowered yourself with during your pregnancy and be fully supported physically, mentally and emotionally in your transition. 

No birth is ever the same so my services are always tailored to meet the needs of each person I work with. Below is an example of what can I offer you in this transformative time.

I can:

* arrange an introduction meeting with you and your partner.

* provide 2x Antenatal Sessions (two hours each) where we cover all aspects of late pregnancy, talk about birth options and I can provide evidence based information enabling you to make informed choices that are right for you and your baby.

* create your birth and postnatal care preparation plan documents with you and your partner.

* give you unlimited phone, email, zoom support throughout pregnancy.

* be On-Call for you for your labour from usually 38 Weeks (dependent on you).

* be your labour and Birth support where ever you choose to birth your baby.

- continuous physical (suggesting comfort measures and breathing methods) and emotional support enabling you to advocate for your birth wants and communication with medical staff, ensuring you and your partner do not forget to keep hydrated and fed and much more.

* provide 1x Postnatal visit, usually occurring within the first seven days after birth.

* offer 14 days of daily phone support following the birth of your baby.

* provide nutritious batch cooked food to fill your freezer (on request at extra cost)

* gain private client access only pages that includes nutritional recipes.

It is super important for me to flag that my services also apply to the partner/co-parent who, although may not be the focus, are still a huge and incredibly important role in this monumental life event. Your wants, needs, desires and emotions are also valid and important to share and be supported.



Please connect for more information.

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