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The postnatal time is beautiful but also fragile and one that absolutely needs a nurturing, supportive community to protect the bubble of love surrounding your new arrival to your family.

Whether you birthed with a surrogate or have adopted your baby, my services are available to you and for you. I offer support to every kind of parent and all births.

So what can I offer you in, the otherwise known as, 'fourth trimester'?

I can:

* talk through your birth experience with you, resolving any unanswered questions and emotions that may of come up.

* support you in breast/bottle feeding. 

* help you create time for your own needs and nourishment.

* provide nutritious batch cooked food fresh and to fill freezer (on request)

* reinforce your self-belief and celebrate your power as a mother.

* bridge your connection with your community of support (family and friends) honouring you, your birth-partner and baby.

* give you the confidence in all you are, as capable incredible parents, to no longer need my services.

and much more...all in the comfort of your own home.

It is super important for me to flag that my services also apply to the partner/co-parent who, although may not be the focus, are still a huge and incredibly important role in this monumental life event. Your wants, needs, desires and emotions are also valid and important to share and nurture too.


£35 per 2 hour session or £200 for a block of 6 x 2 hour sessions.

Please connect for more information.

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