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meet Samantha

based in hampshire

Hi, welcome to my website! I'm a fully certified doula living in Andover with my husband Anthony and our little boy River. I love nature, baking yummy nutritious things, chatting over tea, the smell of a fabulous candle and a good hug.

After pregnancy and birthing my son in 2018, I became acutely aware of the importance and value the need for good support is as a new Mama. I had always heard "it takes a village" but not fully understood just how important reaching out, accepting and receiving extra support is as a new parent.


My role as your Doula is to be there unconditionally when you need me. In support - sign posting to evidence based information, love - emotionally and nutritionally and always respectfully.

It is my wish that you have the birth experience that YOU CHOOSE and it will always be my privilege to be on your journey beside you.

Along with all the beautiful heart expanding joys, the metamorphosis of becoming a mother can also bring a tumultuous weather forecast - emotionally, physically and mentally. This is not something to be afraid of but something to be prepared for and to know you do not have to go through alone. 




As far back as I can remember, I have been heart wide open maternal and deeply empathetic. Always wanting to make a difference in peoples lives, either through telling stories as an actress or working with children and their mothers across the globe. Both have created a strong foundation for my role as a Doula.


My new focus is now on supporting and empowering you on your motherhood journey, mentally, physically and nutritionally.

Having always been an advocate for women,  I feel even more passionate and in awe of the female power. You truly are magnificent and you're doing an incredible job!

If you're looking for loving support, then to make sure I am the right doula for you let's connect.


Nurturing Birth 

What is a Doula?

The role of a Doula and Midwife are different but equally as important and valuable in your journey to motherhood.


Doulas are non-medical and provide a continuity of care through the perinatal period. Some Doulas support women through pregnancy and birth, some through the postnatal period and others through the entire journey. It's totally up to you.

"A recent survey showed that 88% of birthing mamas had never previously met any of the midwives who looked after them during labour and birth."

Although midwives are generally brilliant at building relationships quickly, most women want to feel known and heard by the same care provider before, during and after they give birth. That consistent sense of trust and security holding them through the entire perinatal period is valid and important.

As a Doula we have the time and focus to truly build a relationship with our Mother and Father clients. Getting to know someone in their pregnancy, through their past experiences, fears, expectations and hopes.

We are here to -

* protect your wants, needs and desires.

* give your partner the support to be confidently there beside you.

* respect your privacy.

* gently ask reflective questions to help you find what's right for you.

* help nurture your own growth.

* actively listen without judgement.

* nurture your individual journey to blossom in the way you wish, confidently and securely.

* trust you.

* shine the light on you knowing what's best for you.

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