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‘Samantha taught us the importance of setting a postpartum plan, something I hadn’t thought about before, focusing more on the pregnancy. It was such a valuable lesson to communicate with my partner how we both saw the first few weeks with baby, talking through parental roles, meal plans and visitors. It made me feel more calm on the journey back from hospital that we had an established plan.’



‘Samantha highlighted the importance of the role as a partner. This made me feel a valued part of the process and really helped to address any of my needs as well as my partners.’


We engaged Samantha as our birth doula at 38 weeks pregnant. She has an intuitive sense of just what you need at just the right time. Very caring, containing and skillfull. Her sound bowls were also incredible. She was careful to always be on the same page as me and gave very personalised support, listening to our first birth story and familiarising herself with our home water birth plans for our upcoming birth. She was also very good with our older child and our dogs whenever she visited. She was at the other end of the phone daily, reassuring and helping me stay grounded when I was in prodromal labour for 1.5 weeks. Her support during the birth itself was invaluable - she arrived within half an hour, very reassuring and encouraging, knew just how to massage me to help with pain relief, helped to liaise on the phone with labour line on our behalf, helped with the birth pool and helped me stay hydrated, gave me the positive words of encouragement I needed, held my hand throughout the second stage which was just what I needed. She also took photos of our birth so we can cherish the memories. The post birth debrief has also been very helpful. I would definitely recommend Samantha as your birth doula!


Samantha supported us through the birth of our second baby. We planned a natural homebirth in water, with Samantha there to support us with the practicalities and emotion of a homebirth in water using hypnobirthing. In the end, things had to change for medical reasons and we had a planned cesarean birth at hospital. Through all the changes, ups and downs, worry and emotion of the run up to our birth, including a serious risk to the baby at one point, Samantha was calm, friendly, supportive and flexible. Sessions with Samantha before the birth helped us cope with the changes of plan and make a postpartum plan to look after ourselves and our older daughter. After the birth, another session helped us process the birth and think about how to manage our new responsibilities as a couple. Perhaps the most helpful element of Samantha's support was her flexibility. She was on call not only around my due date but also informally for many weeks after the birth (even though she was in the middle of moving house!), so that we could talk on the phone in moments when I felt overwhelmed or wanted a sounding board to help me think through what I was going through. Thank you, Samantha.


Samantha has a calm and gentle presence that allowed us to feel safe and supported. Especially at a time where we were feeling  quite overwhelmed.

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